lördag 7 februari 2015

Wip on NZ-666 repaired

Hi there,

This is just a fast Wip post on what im working on now, it is the NZ-666 repaired. I plan on doing the studio colour schema on it but i will tweek it just a bit to give it a bit of me.

I like the green and i want to work some more on the green that i do. I give it more yellow to make it pop but i feel that it is not just there yet it can get a bit over bored and look more yellow then green. The strip on the back will not be orange on my i plan to make it magenta.  The axe will be blue not white I still cant paint white good and I want this model to look good. I plan to enter it in a competition this spring in Stockholm. I want to chip it up cuz to me it makes no sense that the mech looks so new. I want to give it that feeling that it has been in battle and almost got killed and when it came back to base it was just some limbs holding it in place.

but when i did a wip post on FB some ppl did not want me to chip it up i plan to paint it all up and then let the group wote what to do on it keep it clean or chip it up. It also feels good to get so many likes this early im not just to that sort of response, for the most part i post things here and some of you guys see it. I is a big motivation for me to paint now days and it also feels good that ppl like the mechs im working on so far it is only two but there will be more.

but here is the wip image and FB post it warms my heart to see all them likes :D

to the spring i plan on painting up the normal Version of the NZ 666 that is one mech that just gave me a bitch slap to the face when i saw it in gundam unicorn. One day i will try and get the Super G resin kit of this mech but i cant afford it now. 

onsdag 28 januari 2015

I got some stuff in the mail.

Hi there,

So a lot of things that i have order in Dec are starting to come on in from China and Japan. So the first box to come in was one from China the company is E2046 they sell resin kits of all sort the one that i fell for this time was a Robotech SD mech and also some clips to hold all the parts. I took some more expensive clips was about 20-30kr more for me so i feel it was for the better.

The next box to come in the mail one day later was a bit bigger box from Hobby Link Japan now that is a online store that will more or less kill your wallet that have so many things there. I have said to my self now that i need to build and paint all the stuff i get now before i can order any more. I don´t want to have a big backlog that is just a pain in the ass. Any ho, the kit that im looking the most forword to build and paint is the Crab Pod this is just a random kit that has no manga or anime to it. It is just a crab industry looking mech and i love it. I plan on doing some sort of space rock diorama whit it but im still working on how it will look. I will try the paint scheme on my NZ-666 Repair.

I also got some other mechs in there the next box i get from HLJ will be gundam lots of them to!! that is way i have a order stop now. I have plenty of kits to work on this year out and im looking forword to it as well. I plan on trying to have some sort of display in the end of the year so my goal is to get at least 15-20 kits done by then. I know that is a lot but you need to aim high some times. 

My plan here was to do a fast build just to build up some motivation. when my wife came home she said" You are an idiot if you dont paint this model, you have some many cool colours and you can pull that off" My reaction was "wtf?!?!" so now i have to paint it what was going to take me some houser is not going to take me some weeks to do haha.

And the last box to come in is from a store on Aliexpress.com i have been looking for this mech AXG-04 i have it as a backorder over at HLP but they dont know when it will be back in stock. So i feelt i can try out knock of company that made it. I think i will do a custom paint job on it but still not 100% sure i like the red. but im not that good at painting red and i will have to many mechs in red and i don´t like that.

they sure like there bubble rap.

The box was all mest up but that is what you get from China but the in side was fine. This is also a kit im looking foreword to work on. 

Well that is all for now as you can see i have a butt load of stuff to work on now. I feel super motivated to paint this up and it will also be nice to take a break from the table top models i will still paint some but not as many. It is a lot more fun to work on bigger things it also gives me more room to work on my airbrush skills that i need to lvl up.

enjoy good ppl,

muffin ^_^

torsdag 15 januari 2015

Zaku Tutorial 0.1


I have gotten a lot of questions about how I painted my Zaku. so this is my respond to all the questions from the base cote to the pigment ect i hope that this will awnser some of the questions. And also be to some sort of help keep in mind that you can apply this technique to all sort of models it works well for all table top minis.

If you have any questions just post them here or over at FB in this post and i will get back to you.


  • Paint brush
  • Sponge


  • Dwarf Skin (VMA)
  • Blood Red (VMA)
  • White (VMC)
  • Black (P3)
  • Cole Black (P3)
  • Dark Fleshtone (VMC)


  • Crab. Black
  • Light Sienna
  • Chrome Oxide (green)
  • Broum Iron Oxide

The base cote is a mix of Dwarf skin and Blood Red id say the mix is about 5/1 The red has strong pigments and i want to keep the colour in a peach sort of feel. If you look at the arm you can see that the mix was not perfect and that some parts have more red.

This is the first step i have dabd on all the colours whit a sponge. Make sure to apply the paint random and don't over load the sponge then you will get big blobs of colour and that will look bad. you can also drag the sponge randomly over the armour to get small lines. This will make it  look like scratches. (Colours: Main/ Cole black The rest: black, DF)

It is now time to give the armour it´s first layer high light this is done whit airbrush the colour is the base cote. It is important to keep it  nice and tightly. 

Now that the first layer is on it is time to put on the last high light this is a mix of the base colour and white 1/2. Now spray that on but make sure not to over spray it the previous layer you want to keep this layer a bit smaller. If you do over spray just go back whit the base colour and that should solve the problem.

now that all the Airbrushing is done it is time to work in some pigment. I start whit a thin layer of the brown pigment this is a good base to mix in the other colours. (Note: you can edit pigment but ones they are on you cant go back. There will always be some pigments left and this will change the colour a bit) I like to paint in my pigments so they are all wet this also makes it easy to mix them. now you just start to randomly mix different colours. To take back the white area i dry it of whit a Q-tip easy and fast you can also dab your finger if you like.
And this is how it looks when all the pigments are dry. You will get that nice dirt look and you can feel the gran of sand as well. If you want to over kill it you can apply some oil paint´s. just keep in mind that the oil will take longer time to dry and can be hard to work some times.

tisdag 13 januari 2015

Mini project


I came home from work and was on cleaning mode and im not a big fan of saving old boxes of stuff. But i like the cover art of it so i did some cutting and tweeking. This way i can keep the best part of the box and also have some nice art up on the wall to look at. The side of the box works well as a fun post card.

This is what you need to do this.

  • A Frame
  • Scissors 
  • Box knife
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler

Zaku II and some more.

Hi there,

I know i have been a bit AFK from the blog Christmas and holidays but i have been doing some stuff now and then when i get the time. As you know i have been building some kick ass robots a lot of them are from the gundam series but not all of them. I love mech so i will try and build and paint diffrent things that i find cool.

The Zaku is the first one that i have build and painted and he is still on the works. I have learnd a lot of new things when working on this models the Zaku is 1/100 so they are a bit bigger then the models that im just to work on. When it comes to painting this sort of models i know now why the have all them clips. I have been hand painting all the parts whit a tweezer and that was a pain in the but!!! I have some clips on the way now so for the next mech that i paint i will have them at hand.

Im really liking this models and i hope to get in to them more this year i have some goals that id like to achieve and that is to paint up the sazabi to a pro lvl and try and win gold at Stockolm Expo dont think that will happen but i will try my best and see what happens.

I have also built a Fream Arm mech it was a fast build (snap fit they all are) it was #003 ones i get the clips i will paint it up cuz i dont like the look of it now. it will get the same colours but a bit more in my own stile.

I have also done some pre work for a 1/144 model NZ-666 repaired this mech is a boss and it will be awsome to work on the NZ-666 resin kit when i get that later in the spring it is a massive kit and also a goal for 2015.

well that sort of sums it up a bit on what i have been working on now time for some images enjoy

love muffin :D  

torsdag 18 december 2014

New turn in the hobby.


I have been wanting to do this for a long time but newer taken the step in to that sort of hobby, building mechs or as they can it gunpla. I have had a long deep love for mechs form when i was a kid i grew up looking at Macross,Gundam and many more mech/cyberpunk anime. But i have never build any of there models that they have over there in Japan. about 2 years ago i got a gift from a friend of my and it was a gundem HG model but i never build it it was in the shelf as backlog and i was saying one day when i have the time i will build this dude.

well it is about time to build the damn thing now, and i have also made a big order on some new kits that will come in a week or so. the reason why i want to start to build this sort of kits is 1) mechs 2) they give me more room to work whit the airbrush.

And that is what i want for next year to LvL up my airbrush skills id also like to spred the word that you dont just have to build tanks and air planes there are other cool things to build as well. I work a lot to so i dont have the same time to play tabeltop as i just to.

I am looking foreword to dive in to this new world, i have been looking a lot on youtube and blogs. they paint and do a lot of things im not just to so it is fun to learn new things. I will not paint my irst kit i will just build it and that is just so that i can get a feel for how it feels and how to think.

And here are some images on a kit that will come next week it is a custom paint job.