tisdag 13 januari 2015

Zaku II and some more.

Hi there,

I know i have been a bit AFK from the blog Christmas and holidays but i have been doing some stuff now and then when i get the time. As you know i have been building some kick ass robots a lot of them are from the gundam series but not all of them. I love mech so i will try and build and paint diffrent things that i find cool.

The Zaku is the first one that i have build and painted and he is still on the works. I have learnd a lot of new things when working on this models the Zaku is 1/100 so they are a bit bigger then the models that im just to work on. When it comes to painting this sort of models i know now why the have all them clips. I have been hand painting all the parts whit a tweezer and that was a pain in the but!!! I have some clips on the way now so for the next mech that i paint i will have them at hand.

Im really liking this models and i hope to get in to them more this year i have some goals that id like to achieve and that is to paint up the sazabi to a pro lvl and try and win gold at Stockolm Expo dont think that will happen but i will try my best and see what happens.

I have also built a Fream Arm mech it was a fast build (snap fit they all are) it was #003 ones i get the clips i will paint it up cuz i dont like the look of it now. it will get the same colours but a bit more in my own stile.

I have also done some pre work for a 1/144 model NZ-666 repaired this mech is a boss and it will be awsome to work on the NZ-666 resin kit when i get that later in the spring it is a massive kit and also a goal for 2015.

well that sort of sums it up a bit on what i have been working on now time for some images enjoy

love muffin :D  

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