torsdag 15 januari 2015

Zaku Tutorial 0.1


I have gotten a lot of questions about how I painted my Zaku. so this is my respond to all the questions from the base cote to the pigment ect i hope that this will awnser some of the questions. And also be to some sort of help keep in mind that you can apply this technique to all sort of models it works well for all table top minis.

If you have any questions just post them here or over at FB in this post and i will get back to you.


  • Paint brush
  • Sponge


  • Dwarf Skin (VMA)
  • Blood Red (VMA)
  • White (VMC)
  • Black (P3)
  • Cole Black (P3)
  • Dark Fleshtone (VMC)


  • Crab. Black
  • Light Sienna
  • Chrome Oxide (green)
  • Broum Iron Oxide

The base cote is a mix of Dwarf skin and Blood Red id say the mix is about 5/1 The red has strong pigments and i want to keep the colour in a peach sort of feel. If you look at the arm you can see that the mix was not perfect and that some parts have more red.

This is the first step i have dabd on all the colours whit a sponge. Make sure to apply the paint random and don't over load the sponge then you will get big blobs of colour and that will look bad. you can also drag the sponge randomly over the armour to get small lines. This will make it  look like scratches. (Colours: Main/ Cole black The rest: black, DF)

It is now time to give the armour it´s first layer high light this is done whit airbrush the colour is the base cote. It is important to keep it  nice and tightly. 

Now that the first layer is on it is time to put on the last high light this is a mix of the base colour and white 1/2. Now spray that on but make sure not to over spray it the previous layer you want to keep this layer a bit smaller. If you do over spray just go back whit the base colour and that should solve the problem.

now that all the Airbrushing is done it is time to work in some pigment. I start whit a thin layer of the brown pigment this is a good base to mix in the other colours. (Note: you can edit pigment but ones they are on you cant go back. There will always be some pigments left and this will change the colour a bit) I like to paint in my pigments so they are all wet this also makes it easy to mix them. now you just start to randomly mix different colours. To take back the white area i dry it of whit a Q-tip easy and fast you can also dab your finger if you like.
And this is how it looks when all the pigments are dry. You will get that nice dirt look and you can feel the gran of sand as well. If you want to over kill it you can apply some oil paint´s. just keep in mind that the oil will take longer time to dry and can be hard to work some times.

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