lördag 7 februari 2015

Wip on NZ-666 repaired

Hi there,

This is just a fast Wip post on what im working on now, it is the NZ-666 repaired. I plan on doing the studio colour schema on it but i will tweek it just a bit to give it a bit of me.

I like the green and i want to work some more on the green that i do. I give it more yellow to make it pop but i feel that it is not just there yet it can get a bit over bored and look more yellow then green. The strip on the back will not be orange on my i plan to make it magenta.  The axe will be blue not white I still cant paint white good and I want this model to look good. I plan to enter it in a competition this spring in Stockholm. I want to chip it up cuz to me it makes no sense that the mech looks so new. I want to give it that feeling that it has been in battle and almost got killed and when it came back to base it was just some limbs holding it in place.

but when i did a wip post on FB some ppl did not want me to chip it up i plan to paint it all up and then let the group wote what to do on it keep it clean or chip it up. It also feels good to get so many likes this early im not just to that sort of response, for the most part i post things here and some of you guys see it. I is a big motivation for me to paint now days and it also feels good that ppl like the mechs im working on so far it is only two but there will be more.

but here is the wip image and FB post it warms my heart to see all them likes :D

to the spring i plan on painting up the normal Version of the NZ 666 that is one mech that just gave me a bitch slap to the face when i saw it in gundam unicorn. One day i will try and get the Super G resin kit of this mech but i cant afford it now. 

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