fredag 14 november 2014

Nomad - hacker


So after the lizard was done i just had to paint up this guy it fun to paint when you dont have a long line of models to paint. now i just have four in total so the tunnel is so sort and that has given me a lot of motivation to paint now. im also working on one commission but im not doing any more for now i need all the time for my self to paint and game and just find my self again and get that joy you get when you are painting. I have some big goals that id like to reach for next year so i need to prepare my self for that.

so not only im i trying to get my armys done but also work up a new portfolio to show up what i can do and not do. id also like to press up my airbrush level to a more advance im also trying out some oil paints se what happens.

but back to the hacker i was not sure at first how to paint him i knew that i wanted turkos in there but do i go for magenta or white to make it look more like the studio schema? or do i just wing it and do my own thing and try to fit it in whit the lizard. im also trying out a new presentation dose it work or is it to much ? im going to work some more on that the images are taken whit my iphone so they are not the best. better images of all the models will be taken when they are all done.

enjoy muffin

flats are on and doing the first high lights.

give the base some texture so boring when it is just flat. i just take my file and go bananas on it,

this was the first time i did a street base so after the base cote i did a strip of yellow. after that i took out a bit of masking tape and cut it down a bit to make a small line.

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