tisdag 18 november 2014

Remot - Nomads


Now one of two remote´s are done they have been fun to paint but  hard. It is fun to paint something that is not GW or PP the models are packed whit details so it is not easy to get all the small things there is also a lot of room to blend and that is something that i need to practise a lot more.

I feel that im pushing my self for every model that i paint and it feels good when they are done. I se a lot of thing that i can improve later but for a model that i will play the game they hold the stander for me.

im still having some problems whit the Airbrush and need to sort that out dont feel a 100% control for it and i think that the needle is bent :(

but there you have it the next one will look the same and i hope that i will get the blends better on that one.

enjoy muffin

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