onsdag 12 november 2014

Lizard TAG - Nomads (Infinity)

Hi there!!

Long time no post i know but i have had a lot of stuff in the way will do a long post later of what i have been up to and why i have not posted any thing in a long time.

But first id like to share what i have been working on this last few days over here. The Lizard TAG for Infinity they are getting a new rule book so now it is time to paint the all the things i have at home. I have for a long time wanted to paint this model for me you cant get any more anime mech and that is a soft spot for me i love the sculpt and have been dreaming to paint one up. So last week i got my self a Lizard and a week later it was done.

At first I was going to do the studio paint schema but then i feel id want to give it some of my own flavour so i did. I was also looking for some colours that are fast to paint and have that cyber punk/tron feel super important for me so black was the colour. I have never done any thing in black before so this was going to be a new challenge for me.

Prime it black

First layer of gray whit some black in it.

.::Quick tip::. this is how i do a quick mask. make sure you can hold it god whit your thumb.

First layer of green OSL for the face mask.

I block out the turkost and magenta part of the model, this was done whit brush.

Done some High lights on the colours i blockt out.

Mask out some parts whit tic-tac and tape so that i can airbrush.

Mask out some parts whit tic-tac and tape so that i can airbrush.

This is how she looks after the airbrush work. Had to go back later and fix some some parts of the model whit brush. 

OSL work on the small target lock system.

The back pack got the same colours as the target lock system, this was so that i would not mix in more colours and make it weird to look at.

Some warmahords game time mettal feel it was good to sleep in my gaming bag. after that nap he feel it was good to sleep on the cheer i sat on to.

Jazzt up the base whit some plastic card. was going for some sort of street in that world the plan was to make it gray. that all changed when i start to paint you will soon se what happens.

prime it black.

first layer of gray.

Now i changed my mind of the colour and not making it to a road but more in to some happy colour anime stile street.

to give it some more life and kick it up i took out my pigments and start to paint it. I have more pigment in the middel of the base as you can see. then i start to thing it out a lot and paint around the white part of the base. the pigment colours i use here are gray/light brown and green. I mix them randomly to make it look more real. Also i paint in the pigments wet and not dry as some ppl do.

This is how i mix and thin my pigments i only use water.

And this is how the Lizard looks, enjoy hope you enjoy the small work log if you have questions ask away in the comment section.

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