onsdag 22 januari 2014

Better images of the Nidz


A fast post whit some better images of the Tyranids that i have been working on now, drop me a comment if you have some feedback.

enjoy muffin

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great to se you up and running again blogwise.
    Really like the new Nidz models you are painting and Im actually gonna steal the Tervigon with the Hive-gun-thing-deal and make my own Exocrine from some spare Tervigons I got.

    Keep up the good work and keep on posting dude

  2. Hi there :D

    Ya I took a long break from painting to fix stuff IR and also to get back that glow. And now i have it back after more then 6 month i think. The new tyranid codexs and models was a super good motivation for me to and also that more ppl where i liv are starting to play more 40k. I still play a lot of Warmachin/Hordes but you can never run that far from 40k big guns and monster is the shit haha.

    Yes this colours make them pop a lot when i bring them out, I also like to paint in happy colours. I was bord of seeing the same old colours on the needs the GW and brown,black down tons. For me that is boring so i feelt that i would give them a part of me and i like this weird LSD stile.

    more to come soon.