onsdag 5 februari 2014

Got some games and my Cards.


Last week i was in Gothenborg to visit my brother and his son that turned 3 years old. It was fun to get a game in there on the floor he did not have a good table to play on hope that he will fix that for the next time i go over there.

I also got a chans to go by GW GbG and speak a bit there it was a lot of fun, and the store mangers was so nice. I also got my cards for the tyranids i have a hard time to keep all the stuff in my head atm and im thinking in Warmachine ruls haha. When i got home i did what all cards need to do, i laminerad (dont know what it is called in Eng) now my cards will never break or get dirty. 

Now i need to take a small break from 40k and paint up the last models for my hordes army im of soon for a tournament.

that all for now,

peace muffin

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