lördag 18 januari 2014

Haruspex what a dude !!!!

Hi there,

To day i have been working on my Haruspex and i must say this was a awsome kit. lot´s of fun to build and work on and it feels good in the hand to when you are working on it. And now for a small work log on the Haruspex  that i have done.

This is the Haruspex sort of done, just have the gore and eye´s left to do on him.

Here are all the parts that I will be working on.

I prime the model in brown this will help the yellow colour to stick better to the model.

I now prime all of the parts of the model of a mix of yellow and brown. this is my base cote and I will be working up the colour from here.

I now put on the first high light of yellow to the model after that I paint in the shadows. this time it was whit a dark brown some times i have a bit of dark blue. I think that give the shadows some more life but not to day.

here was a big problem for me so I had to wing it like a boss, the claws and plates would be the same colour. I feel that be boring and the claw would just disappear so i gave it some jade green just the same as the face. now i have some more colour in there and the claw will pop out some more. 

I hand paint all the parts of purple this way i will not over spray the model. it is easy to pain in the high lights whit the air brush but not so easy to base cote on a small area like this. that is way i like to paint it for hand. It will take some more time but the result is a lot better, but i spent most of the day trying to get my air brush to work. My megenta colour is old and cloges up all the time, that is also way this dude looks a bit diffrent from the others.

The rest I forgot to take some images!!! what i do is that i high light it whit purple and pink i normaly have pink and magenta i like that look a lot more. but as i was saying my magenta is over 10 years old now so it is not that wired that it is all mest up. 

well that is sort of it, if you have any questions just drop it in the comments and i will get back to you.

enjoy muffin ^_^

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