fredag 22 februari 2013

Dw - Wip


It´s been some time now that i have not done a wip post on the DW commission that i am working on, so here is a small one for ya. when i have not been working or helping out my perents in law whit there new kitchen i have been working on my Rashet model that is massive a post on it will come soon when i have some better images of it. You can se one image of him in my Bio post, but now it is time to get this guys done.

Id like to have them done asap just so that i will have more time ones i get my Mammoth it is going to be so cool !!! cant wait for that big guy yes i like to work on big things hehe.

but this is what i have so far, this weekend i plan on building the rest of the terminators just so that i can start to put the foundation on them all to speed up the work some more. and magnets do take some time to get them in to the right place.

enjoy ppl.

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