torsdag 28 februari 2013

DW and Carnage - Wip


The DW army is not coming along in the speed that i was planing for work and other things got in the way so i lost my flow all together so now im going back to the old way of doing it. I am building all the models so that i can make a big batch painting of them all, i will go over to the normal terminators for now i feel that the KN are a bit to head atm for me. it more that i don´t have the motivation to paint them so i will go back to them later so that they will look good when im done.

I just have some arms left now to megnetais and then i will start to prime them all in black and get to work. time to  get the speed back up so that i can hand in this commission i feel it sort of stopt for me but not any more!!!!

I also got a big ass carnage kit that im to build and paint up, this the first time that i work on a kit like this and also the scale for that mater. I was told that it was big but i did not think that the guy be this big !!! he is massive so i don´t know how long it will take me to get him done. just building him is a task of it own. I have to cut and shave of a lot to get him to fit and i will need to GS him to i think there are a lot of gaps. But it is fun to do something out side the box.

now i need to drink my coffe and then it is back to work, after this work i have to go to my other job haha :D i feel like the orc in war craft II work work.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice thumb ring. Termies are looking good too .

  2. thx man hehe i got the thumb ring on my 17 birthday from a old old old GF that i had when i was young and dum.

    the terminators are coming along well now that i got a day free from work. carnage is also coming a long well. I will try and post images on him later to day if i can make it.

    thx for the comment m8 :D