torsdag 27 december 2012

Hello World!!!

Hello world!!!

Id start of by saying sorry for the big lack of post from my side. And i will now take the time to talk a bit about what has been going on in my life and why i have not been doing any sort for painting or commission work.

at the start of this year i feel in to a big depression that just grow on me and after some time i lot control over it and my life just fell apart i was at the doctor and they wanted to give me some anti-depressive meds. but i said no cuz i have friends that was going on it and had gone on them and they got better but they lost the spark for life every day was just a strait line and they did not feel sad nor did they get super happy about things they just where. and i feel´t that that was not the way for me so i said by to stockholm that had been my home for more the 5 years and moved up in sweden to a place called Dalarna. Is´s a smaller city and a lot of woods here i came at peace whit my self i got my old job back this summer and have been working there sens juli and i like it, it´s a old place home where i take care of old ppl.

I got a lot of time to reflect over my life next year i will turn 30 and im looking foreword to that tbh i hvae come to the conclusion that doing commission work will not get me where id like to be in life, i want to have my own kids and get a house and i will not be able to get all that by doing commissions not here in sweden any way, and it is really heard to find good ppl to work whit as we are over  the country and no one wants to move.

time went by i had a lot of problems whit my own family that is not resolved thx a lot for that, there are just some small things that are left to fix but in time it will get better.

there has been a lot of things on my mind another thing that got me down a lot and i meen a lot was that the community over here relly beat me down a lot when i was posting things on forums just cuz i have my own way of doing things and also the AB had not hit the market in the same way as in the US. So i have been doing AB jobs now for a bit over a year and have gotten good at it i still have a lot more to learn and im happy to.

but all the feedback that i got for the most part was just mean and being sad just made me sader so in the end of jun i said to my self i will send back this commission that im working on and i wll not paint any thing more for a while. and i have been coming back to it in small steps and i feel that now, now im back to rock some models.

I will be working on my skorne and also a big skaven army, my goal now for 2013 is to be a army painter that ppl out in the world will know. I know that im a ok painter and that i have what it takes to be one of the top painters. a big insperation for me is kenny from next level painting that dude rocks :D

and here are some things that i have been working as of now, a lot more to come next year.

So i will end this massive wall of text by saying happy new year and thx for taking the time to read this post.

and also like to give my wife a huge huge and love for all the support that she has given me, whit out here id be dead by now.

peace muffin

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  1. Hang in there mate! Thing´s will turn around and the little faries with brushe´s for finger will tuch you again (hmm...sound´s rather dirty in english:P).
    Why don´t you take one day off during next week and come paint with me?