tisdag 13 november 2012

update time.


As some of you know i have been working on my own skorne army and they have been a lot of fun, i have also taken a lot of time from painting to play the game a lot more. Yes im do enjoy playing the games a lot but not as much as painting that is the best part of the hobby.

But back to the point now, I also stared my ultramarins but when i was to paint them my blue colour was all dry and dead so i had to get some new colours and now that i have been in the capital i went bananas at the gameing store that i buy my things. The brand that i like the most is P3 then work well in the airbrush and a also like them when working whit the brush.

there is only two places now where i can find them, so when i go out i get a lot of colour at ones so that i don´t need to worry that i will sit there and have no more colour. so the marines are back on track now it will be fun to get them done at last.

more then that i don´t have any new things to say atm im am working on getting some new things to paint but will se what happens to that first.

peace muffin.

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