onsdag 9 januari 2013

Skaven and a tree.


I have been working on some skaven for some days so far all that is done is Ikit Claw, warlord and 2 locks. Images on this guys are coming soon have had a lot of other things to take care of so im sorry for that. I only have two crapy images taken whit my Iphone hope that will do for now.

My next prodject is to paint up this wood elf tree, is still don´t know what sort of tree im going to do? Im thinking of a white tree but i don´t know yet. things that im working on the side of all this things are a big colossus for PoM (warmachine) the base colour on  the big guys is soon done about 50% on that, after the base colour is on i need to give it some shades and then he is of for the rest of the paint job. just helping out a buddy of my.

for my self i need to get some bane thralls done and bokor a big oger for warmachine, have a big tournament in the end of the month. im looking foreword to that a lot, will be fun to se some old friends of my.

well that is all for now, more to come really soon.

peace muffin.

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