onsdag 12 september 2012

work to come.


here is a small post on what i have on the table atm, there are a lot of models from different game systems. the most inportent one to get done ASAP is the brood lord that guy is a bit late now. but i have the day of tomorrow and the weekend so i think i can make it in time.

i will start to put some paint on him to day, after i have done some fun things here at home (clean the apartment and hobby room T_T). I think it is a fun mix of models that i have to work on now.

the ones that are going to be the most fun are the painting competison ones that i will try and go banans on, i alos have plans to give a more advance way of doing blends/glaz.

and there you have it, a small post on what to come soon. will post some WIP images on the boord lord when i have it.

take care now.

peace muffin ^^

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