torsdag 27 september 2012

Brood Lord Done.


sorry for the lack of post working and been of on a tournament last weekend came 11 out of 28 players so i was super happy. it´s been a long time ago that i got a place that good in a warmachine tournament but now is not the time to talk about that sort of thing.

Last week i got this angry dude done and he turned out just awsome and it will be fun to send him home to to it´s master so that he can be happy and put it out there on the bored and just be a boss when he kills all the marines :D

i was going to give him big glowing eyes but then i change my mind just becuz i did not want to draw the focus from his hand. i did put down some time to get the blood on it good and it be a shame if ppl did not the that. Iv also been working some more on my rust and i feel that it is now on a level that i like a lot.

But there you have it, enjoy and ppl drop me a comment on that you think.

peace muffin.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Blir alltid lika fascinerad av dina baser du gör. Riktigt snyggt. Keep it up!

  2. I like how the blue and black/darkblue mesh together and make the colours scheme more alive. the base is awesome as well. I usually don't like blood effect but on this one i feel it couldn't have been without it, the spine breaks up the colour scheme very nice as well, so keep it up mate ;)

  3. thx for the comment´s, the base was just somthing that came to mind when i was working. I sort of know what i was going for but this time i just let it come to me. It´s good to wing in now and then hehe.

    @ trollapan man tackar man tackar, jag gör mitt bästa för att folk ska bli nöjda. roligt att man kan ge lite insperation till andra.