lördag 29 september 2012

Skorne Project is a go.

Aloha ppl,

Well now that my Cryx army is soon done after about a year on ice (had a lot of commission back then) i only have about 7 models left to paint, and i have been thinking a long time that id like to have a alt army but i don´t know what. The biff was do i play Khador or Skorne i like them a lot but there is a thing about big things that have tusks and walks slow, but when they are at the target they will just crap over you.

and now whit the new uber big models coming out from PP and the Skorne was just to good to pass out on. So that made it so easy for me to pick the army, and lucky as i am some times i found a second hand army for a ok prices. And when i was in sthlm last week i got some extra models just to fluff it out a bit more.

and this is how they look so far, i still don´t know how i will paint them but they will for sure have fun colours ^^

enjoy muffin

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