torsdag 6 september 2012

Swarmlord done


I have now gotten my swarmlord done, well he has been done some days now iv just not had the time to take any images of him do of my work. But here he is at last the arms are not glued on yet as i will send this guy on the mail and it will be easy to pack him whit no arms and he will not break. 

It was a big monster to paint and it was some hard things here and there good thing is that i have done two of them before to my self so i know what i was going to get. and i had done all the basic aribrush misses before to so the masking this time was a lot faster. 

all that is left now is the brood lord that im working on now, well im working on the base on it atm and it will look killer when it is done. the ide is that he will be on a road and have built up his hill of skulls on it. 

but here is the swarmlord, plz leave me a comment on some feedback so that i know what to do better next time. 

peace muffin

7 kommentarer:

  1. Muffin, I am trying to look with a critical eye, but this is seriously your best work so far on these nids. If I added anything, I would just be nitpicking.

  2. why thx oldschool that warms my heart, but plz feel free to be nitpicky it ok for my part. im looking to get a lot better and all the feedback that i get is good for me.

    im happy whit the end result on this guy, just some small things that bugs me. but when you put him on the tabel you can´t se the things.

    i was going to add some blood to the sword two of them, but i feel that the clean look was a better way to go. and also you don´t get to se it that often this days.

    next up is Mr:brood lord.

  3. Well, for me it looks overall very nice;) the colours are very good together, but it lacks some details here and there if you ask me. But the airbrush work is very nice ;)painting up my own army atm using Hawk Turqoise,Macharius solar orange, Charadon Granite, Dheneb Stone, and some greens for various details ;)

    A note on the side is that the basing on that one is oncredibly good :) And don't add blood on his boneswords! they look so nice and even as they are ;)

  4. Very nice. That's one intimidating looking bug. I especially love the boneswords, the toxic sacs, his eyes, and the black especially on the tail.

    I did notice a small miss on his left arms in the third picture, it looks like some of the armor plate red has spilled over to his black flesh. Can't really find anything else to criticize though.

  5. @johan

    yes that is one of the small things that bugs me a bit, will try and fix that up dont think it will be a problem tho. thx for the feed back m8

    yes there is still a lot of room to push the model a bit more, but i don´t know what more to do atm. i will focus on the brodlord for now. and i will not add any blood to him.

  6. Very nice indeed. If you paint an entire army say 1750p like that you will probably win some prices and get good recognition. You keep those bugs comming!