söndag 3 juni 2012

what have i done??

Howdy ppl,

What have i been up to this week, well a lot of things but here are some of the things that i have been working on. first out are some IG guys that i have done the skin on now will do the rest of them tomorrow and the plan is to have that block of guys done to. after that i have another block of ig guys to do. so the plan is to have them all done to Wednesday. This is the first time i get to paint warm skin so it has not been that easy for me to grasp the concept of things that are a live hehe.

Next up is a secret thing that im working on, i will not say what it is now but can you guess what it can be ??? 

Well that is a small update on what i have been working on, a lot more to come soon.

and don´t for get that im on facebook now to, have a look at my page and give it a like to when you are there :D here is the link

peace muffin

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