torsdag 31 maj 2012

High Elf and IG

Howdy ppl,

It´s time to show of some of the things that i have been working on this week. I will start whit the high elf chariot that was a bit tricky to paint but i got there after some houser, the model is awsome to paint and if i had the time and got well paid for it could send a week just to paint all the small things on it.

The base is a bit different from what i do normally, here i was going for a magic-forest-rune-floor-look. And this is what i got in the end. There are a sort of colours in there and it will pop like hell ones you put it on a table. the chanse that you will forget to move this guy on his turn is small haha.

And now for the IG guys, what im after on this guy´s is to make them dirty and more dirty. If you are out in the jungle killing big monsters i don't think you care to take a shower now and then. So i was trying to give them this feel that they have been out on the filed for a long time. there is a mix of 4 typs of pigments on them to give the illusion of different typs of dirt.

Here i tryed to do some pigment pating and it was not that easy as it look, but i will get the hang of it soon. Just need to get the feel in to my system and then it will all come to place.

That is all for now,

peace muffin.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Chariot looks very good.

  2. thx buddy, it turnd out good for the time it to me to paint it up. im working on to get up my speed even more will post some images on a tau battel suite that i did this weekend.

    peace muffin