måndag 18 juni 2012

update on what is going on.

Howdy ppl,

Long time not update sorry for that, but i have had a lot of things going on at the same time. I will now tell you about some of them some good some bad but here we go, first of as you know i have been working on a big IG army and im soon at the end of batch 1. The first part of the army was old school RT models all in metal and i have had to paint all the skin on them for hand and that took some time to get nice thin cotes of paint. so far i have done 34 of 38 singel models after that is done i have 6 big platforms to fix up they are more then 50% done but i will go back and re-paint a lot of things on them to make them look a lot better.

Last week i got the crazy ide that i like to have a fully painted army so i got to work on my tau that have been on the floor now for soon a year, it is wired that a commission painter don´t have a fully painted army to show of hehe. any way the army is to be done juli 18 the 22 there is a tournament where i live and im going to play in it. im sure that i will be in the bottom 3 but think that it will be a lot of fun to play there.

O the more important part of the sorry here is that im working on a new LvL 0 painting and that is my speed paint stander i plan on having a 1750 list done by 18 juli, i only paint on this guys when im not working on a commission or some other job that is way it will take me some time to get them done.
but but to give you sort of a ide on the time it takes me to paint a suite about 1,5/H paint and base it there is no time to go in and fix a line here or there. The are a bit like Next lvl painting but a bit more sloppy then the things he do. 

And in other new´s im now in the bord of the local gaming club they play for the most part fantasy here where i liv but for my part that is cool there are some 40k players. but i will be working a lot more on trying to get the warmachine scene going big time here in Dalarna so me and a buddy is at work on that atm. im also trying to get the club in order so there is a lot of things to  do and i need to read up on all the different rules there is to apply for money to do things.

the sad new is that last week i was at a close friends funeral and that took a lot more on me then id think it do, was sad for some days when i think about it it makes me sad to. it happens that some times when im working i just stop and look at the wall and my mind just drift to some other place and i feel so empty in side. think that has do to a lot whit some other problems that i have but that was the sad news.

I have also a tyranid commisson job on the way lvl 2 so that is some relly awsome stuff and im working to get a nother jobb where i will get to paint a GW game bord not the normal typ of job, but i think it will be a lot of fun to do.

now im of to do the last of the IG guys better images on all the things are to come in some weeks when they are all done.

peace muffin

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