torsdag 21 juni 2012

Tau-IG-Tyranid now that is a nice combo.

Howyd ppl,

time to give you all a update on what´s on the works for me, first of is the IG army that im working on now like crazy. I just have the support guys left and then all of batch 1 is done and that will be a fun day for me to say it loud to my self. to work whit this guys has been sort of steping back in time back to the mid 90tis.

Then for my next commission that i just got, paint some tyranids!!! now this is a commission that i like a lot, for the first time in a long time. i get to paint somthing that i my self love a lot. there are to things that i like a lot in 40k and that is Tau and tyranids and as a added bonus to it all, i get to paint the space hulk brood lord iiiiii dream come true (i sound like a girl now, soz) i also got some other tyranid models to do. Test models on all the troops they have after that i have a swarmlord and 3 shrikers LvL 2 paint job so that will be fun to paint up. And i get to build the swarmlord my self that made me happy as well.

And last of is my tau that im speed pating like crazy, when ever i get some free time i hit this guys. They have been a lot of fun to play have done some test games to se how they work and what i need to tweek on my list. I think that i have workt out a ok list for now i have a lot of burster cannons in it so i will have to get in there.

But here is a wip on the bord that i will be working for them and you can se the list there as well, the only thing that is missing now is all the drones that im atm doing a clean up. will brush them later to day and then it´s time to prime some models. sun is out so best take the chans to do that now when i can or the rain will be back :(

Iv also gotten a extra job now so the paint time will go down a bit, but it feels good to have some stady money coming in every month. now i know the bills will be payed hehe.

peace muffin

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  1. Priming stuff should be avoided in direct sunlight because of a chance the paint will not dry correctly. Just be careful with that :)