torsdag 10 maj 2012

Wip - on the desk now

Howdy ppl,

It is time to post some Wip that i have on my desk, note that this are not all my wip but some of them. things that are missing now are some elfs and Maliflux. Iv been working a lot on this guys this week to get them done and they are not far from it. had to spend half a day to fix a mistake that i did on them the weapons where green/brown. and the FX i was going for fail big time on me so i had to re-paint them metal.

but now they are back on track, the only thing left now on them are there skin,bags and bling bling that they have on. after that i will fix all the guns a bit more to give them some dirt and rust.

the dark reapres are for my self to be in a competition next week, the goal whit them is to give them a sea team. i have never done any thing like this before and when i was working on them they where are first black and grey. and it hit me, try and paint whit colours you normaly don´t paint whit. And turkos is my new best colour i still don´t know how they will tunr out as im just winging it all the way.

well that is all for now.

peace muffin

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