lördag 12 maj 2012

high elf - Wip

howdy ppl,

So what have i been up to this days, not only am i working heard on a RT IG army. but im also doing some high elf hero's the fist to be done soon is the griffon. He has been fun to work and i got to try out some new techniqueas well. The only thing left to do on him now is just the rider and then it is all done, after him i have a chariot to paint as well.

but the fun thing about this mini is that i will get to enter it in the fang next week in sthlm, hope that i can win the fantasy class.

And on a side note, when i things more under controll i will start to work on some ratogeres. I have seen some new tutorials on youtube on how to paint skaven, and this guys have been in a box for a long time. they are one of the best and coolset fantasy models out there.

been a big fan of the big rats all my life, and now i feel like pating up my skaven army (don´t think that will happen haha)

well that is all for now, back to work for me.
peace muffin^^

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