söndag 20 maj 2012

Crazy orcs - WAGGGGGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Howdy ppl,

To day Id like to share my  brothers new found love to 40k, the thing that was right for him was orcs. and yes that is the right thing for him not only is he bananas but they work so well for him cuz you need to build lots of crazy stuff. And he has a really good creative mind a bit better then me, i can build stuff ya but not in the same way as my brother. He was also the person to get me in to this world when we where small kids back in the days. He had a  rule that it was ok to look when he was pating but i had to sand half a meter away from him. If i bumpt him he kill me  hehe (i was about 6-8 years old)

yes we are old the two of us now.

here is a link to his blog >>LINK<<

This is a Wip of his Hot rod that he is building now. will be so cool to se it done, i have no ide how it will look in the end.

Well that was all for me now, next up a small report from The Fang. 
peace muffin

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