tisdag 8 maj 2012

My new work space


so this is my new room where i get to hang out, the only thing that is missing here is my cheer. Me and my wife have just moved from the big city (sthlm) to a smaller town know as Falun in Dalarna. I like a lot out here as you get a lot of insperation from the nature that is just out side the door. 

Im in the processes now in trying to registra a painting studio but i just need to fix some more jobs and some other things i cant talk about now. the room it self is not that big but it will do for now, i don´t need a lot of space to move around. Later i will try and get a longer tabel so that i can have the airbrush on one side and painting station on the other side. that way i dont need to pack up and down the different things. 

 hobby stuff and compressor 
 all my paints and some of all the bitz that i have over the place. the blue boxes are armys that need to paint (privet stuff) so my plan is to have my Tau army done but Xmas this year. We will se how that goes haha.
Just a lot of trays whit all my tyranids and other things

Well that was a small tour of my work space hope that you enjoy it. next up some IG guys

peace muffin 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you got yourself a nice place. Good luck with organizing everything!

  2. thx man, to get all the stuff organist will take some time. i like me new room, a bit small but it will feel a lot better when i get the big room in some years hehe.