tisdag 8 maj 2012

Veteran Marine

howdy ppl,

Iv been working on this guy now for two days, the images is not that god and a lot of the colour was lost in it. will try and get a better asap. But this is what iv got now, they are to be part of a medusa chapter but i for got to paint the head white. Now it is just a salamander marine i guess???

Felt that the head was so good that i did not want to repaint it, he will be part of my submission for a pating competition (the fang GW sthlm) here in Sweden. Id also like to get a squed done for the contest but i don´t know if i have the time to fix it.

atm im working on a IG army some Maliflux and fantasy stuff. Now im just trying to get the flow back in to my work so that i can just paint like a mad man like i did back in the days.

Well any how, here is the guy.

Enjoy muffin

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