onsdag 22 februari 2012

malifaux - guild 1 done

howdy ppl,

This is the first set of malifaux minis that i have done, the only order that i hade was that the bases was not to have "just" sand. So this was my take of making sort of a ice/snow base the snow was done whit foam snow from vallijo. It is to promot  the product that the stor is selling, forgot to say that this was i paint job for Arcanonline.se the stor that im doing a lot of paint job now days. 

This models where a lot of fun to paint and there is a lot of room to free hand and do a lot of fun blends on them. but in my case the clock was not on my side and i had to push this guys out asap, they took me a day in all to get them done. but after i was done i feel a sleep like a baby by my wife and drifted of to dream land.

feel free to drop me a comment on what you think. 

peace muffin

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