lördag 3 mars 2012

more cryxs done

Howyd ppl,

last week i was of to a big tournament here in Sweden, the biggest so far tbh!!! so this are some things that i got done in a week for that tournament, i got some other stuff done as well but will post more on that later. 

not a lot to say about my army more then that i gave some new colours a shot, and i like what i got. the scrap thall and necrotec where painted in my new Technic where i put in a lot of diffrent colours to them and try to blend them in. i have now found a stylle that fits me and the army a lot. I don´t like the life lest thralls that ppl do in gray or other boring colours. so i will give all my other guys a lot of colour will make more sens when you se them.

that is all that i have for now. 

enjoy muffin.

2 kommentarer:

  1. How many people played in that tournament? did u win any game?


  2. hey pablo, we where 32 players so it was the bigest yet here in sweden. and i won 1 game, bad luck on the dice :(