tisdag 21 februari 2012

Karchev the Terrible - done

Howdy ppl, 

Last week i got this bad boy done, he was not a easy job to get done in some H. there is a lot to paint and he will take a bit ones you start him, but in the end you will be happy. This is one of my fav caster for khador and he is just so bad ass. It was awsome to get the chans to paint him (this was a commission job) think that this will be a caster i will get for my self to my own army that im building slowly slowly now. first i need to get all my main things done be for i start a new army.

Any how here you have the bad guy, i did not do the base i got him like that. the customer did that him self.

And just to put in some random thing, here you have me looking at my to do list. yes i have a to do list now, so that i can plan every day so i can get the most of it. Have three big paint jobs im working on and a smaller one for a store. 

peace muffin.

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