måndag 20 februari 2012

Grotz done and killakanz on the go

howdy ppl,

Been working a lot this days on commission jobs and privet stuff. I took some time of this weekend to get a lot of sleep and play time in warmachine that was needed. sunday i got two slayers sort of done they need the green glow to them and some small work here and there they will be done tomoz.

to day i got all the 20grotz done at last^^ and began the work on some killakanz the army is Deff skull and my look on it, is a lot of blue man. did not think that small parts of the mech in blue was a good look, and i also have a bit of free hands i like to try stuff out. will let the paint dry now so that i can take of the salt and do the last paint job on them.

I also got all the bases done for a meleflux crew done, and will start to paint them tomoro. So there is no free time for me this week, work work work. but i still have one of the best jobs i guy can wish for.

now some pics, enjoy and feel free to drop me a comment.


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