måndag 13 februari 2012

chaplin - done

Howdy ppl,

Under the weekend i spent some time to paint up my Chaplin that has been in a corner for a while. The main goal whit this guy was to train my self on black, and what i got out of it is that i need to give that black some more grey. I was a bit shy when it came to highlight the black and will not do the same mistake next time.

feel free to drop me a comment of what you think.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for your kind words Muffin Man,
    this means so much to us!

    Stahly/Tale of Painters

  2. any time m8, I have followed your skaven,eldar en ultra marines for a long time. and it means a lot to get a comment for u as well.

    thx for a good blog and all to good work you are doing for ppl all around the world.

    regards muffin

  3. Looking good. Like the base alot. My greatest weakness is doing cool looking bases. Inspiring :-D

  4. doing a cool base is not that easy any more, as that alone is a big thing now days. this was a bit of a new try for me. where i put in some bigger bits and did some moss.

    but all in all im glad whit what i got, my ami is to speed paint armys to a TT+ standerd. and that i can liv off my pating. but i will give my self a kick in the ass and post more stuff from now on.