torsdag 5 januari 2012

eGaspy speed paint

Howdy yal,

So to day i did some speed pating on my warcaster i play all the time, this weekend im going of to a big tournament and i feel that he need some paint. I have had him half done for a long time now and i feel a shame that i never got around to finish him.

The eye in the staff sux big time i know, and i will come back and re-paint the armor a lot more. now it is green but will make it some other colour when i come back home. next big thing to speed paint is the big and bad DJ. Don´t know if i can make that but u never know. i do have the biger parts done on him.

will start to do some work on him later to night but first i will take a last stand game or two, but here is Gaspy done (sort of done for now)

enjoy will try and post a lot more this year so that i can get some more followers, and plz drop me a line fun to se that ppl look at the blogg.

peace muffin :D

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