onsdag 4 januari 2012

Typhus - done

Howdy ppl,

At last typhus is done, the base is all dry and dandy now. This was one of the best models that i got to paint last year and im happy i did, now id like to get my self a small 1500 nurgel army and him lead it in the front line.

but back to this guy, what did i learn from this job well layers are good stuff and to thin your paint is even better. I got a better hang of blending whit thin layers of paint the fly on the shoulder got this Technic , but i was a bit scared of it. This was the first time that i did this sort of thing but in the end it all ended well i think he will look good on the bored. and i hope that the customer will be happy whit it.

that is all for now, enjoy.

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