måndag 9 januari 2012

new toys


to day i got some new toys in the mail, and also my new proxy models i will ues to the ghost raiders and pistol dudes. The rom and bones models are just so fantastic to look at that i feel that they will be tricky to paint, i want to keep them at the same lvl as on the box.  the captin that has a sword will be a pistol dude and the captin for the ghost raiders so he will be all over the place.

the ghost dudes are a unit that id like to play now for a long time, they look like a lot of fun. but they seam to be a bit tricky to play. but im working on a new list for gEaspy so they will have some fun there.

And on other new at last i got my two witches, so now i can start to play my T4 nebra list. they will come in the mail at the end of the week or next week. Now i have a lot of stuff to play two new casters and lots of unites to boot. 2012 will be a fun gaming year for me i think and WM/H will be the main games for me i can feel it in my body.

Will give 40k a shoot ones more but atm i don´t feel like painting that army now im all about Cryx.

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