tisdag 22 november 2011


Aloha ppl,

Iv been dead for a bit that is cuz iv been fixing school and some work now. But lets not talk about boring stuff like life let get to the hobby :D Im soon happy yo say that all the DE are done so close to have them done now but my wife stole my painting tabel that made me mad gggrrrr on her. But i did spend some time to clen up my tau army that is going to be my main 40k army from now on why tau u ask??

  1. Tau was that army that i feel in love first when i got in to the hobby last year
  2. you can paint up a army in time TT++
  3. you can have all the models in a small army bag
  4. then look bad ass and i love mech (robots)
  5. the fluff to the faction is good and i like it a lot
  6. new codex on the way and i smell some cool ass models coming out baby!!!
well there you have some of my reasons for going over to tau, i will still paint on my nidz but for now they will get to sleep a bit. it be nice to get some more games where i can win or at least tie the game. and i also need to start looking for some new paint jobs so that i get in some extra money. 

well that is a small update on what im doing atm, feel that there will be a lot of stuff coming out soon from my side.

peace muffin 

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