onsdag 23 november 2011

Tau yes they are cool


Iv been more at work now in the hobby and I sort of got the spark back when i sa that the tau are coming next year Q1, yes it is just rumors now. But this is GW we are talking about ones the talk starts on the net you know that there are going to pop out stuff at that date. And i have been pumpt about the new tau, what im hoping the most for is some sort of big ass robot and new suties and a codex that will not sux big time. 

They are not uber bad to play but they are far from a faction that is good, they need a lot of play to get the hang of. And it will be fun to get in to this guys, my need got a break now. They are fun to play but i never win any games and that did not cut it for me. Im not a bad looser but you need to win now and then to keep you going the biggest problem for me is that i do crap rolls. +2 save and i get a 1 +3and i get a 2 and so on just bad luck all the way. And im also tired of ppl just running me over whit all the fucking mech they put in my face. 

And that is also a big problem for the nidz as they lack the anti-tank we need. any how bit off topic now and tau is the focus now. yes im moving over to them now as i was talking about in my other post and here are some wips on some suties iv been working on. 

the did get clean up yesterday and got a lot of the paint off of them, they had 4 layers of paint on !!!! and the feet where super glued on to the base. So there was only one way to get them of and that was whit the saw when i got the feet of. 

It was time to pimp out the base a bit, i dont care about LoS for them as if the get a shoot they will go down. going for a good looking army here. 

well that is all for now, enjoy ^_^

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