torsdag 31 mars 2011

Air Brush time


So at last i had the money to get my self an Air Brush that i have been longing for some time now. When i got home i gave it a try on some papper first to get a feel on how it works, then i took some crap models that i had around and gave them a go. the turn out was not so good but then agine that is the way it must be. The main problem that i have is that i dont know how to thin out the paint for the ari brush so that it comes out nice and soft.

will play some more whit it, but now i will start to do some work on my mandrakes.

here are some pics of the air brush and the test models that i did.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Try using Vallejo Air color and thin the paint using thinner, I think they got it at Wentzells.
    Good luck with your airbrush (I want myself!):D

  2. well atm i dont have to money to get more paint´s need the rest for food. but yes i will pick some of them colors up when i have some green.

    need to get my DE army done so i can get paid.

    I will paint some more whit the air brush tomoz, have some tyranids that needs some paint :D

  3. Who needs food when you can paint?:P Think about milk consistancy for the air brush when tinning you paint. Good luck with the air brush!

  4. Ya that i know, but it is hard to get the hang on how many drops of water you need to get it milky :P but i gave it a go 2-day and the result was a lot better.

    I think that the main problem that i hade was the old paint i put in to it. was a lot easy when the paint was new and good.