torsdag 31 mars 2011

Mandraks Wip


Well the first part of this guys are now done, i gave them a white primer so that the blech bone will be easy to paint on as that paint is thin and i will thin it some more to make it smooth on the pants. the body will be abbys blue i will darken the body some more whit a black wash first. the hair will be white but i will give it a brown wash and a bit of black in it to make it more dirty. then paint up the high light whit to give it some sting. the fire that they have on there hands will be green same go for the runes on there body prim it camo green and then fix it up whit scorpion green to make it pop. it all sounds so easy when i put it down like this, but i know that this guys will be a bitch to paint.

thats all for now,
cya muffin ^_^

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