torsdag 10 februari 2011

Eldar test 1 done....Fail big time

Aloha there long time no post now, sorry for that school and work got in the way of the hobby. but i will be back on track now as i have it more under control.For some wired reason you cant klick on the images so make them bigger? will look in to that.

first out to day is my eldar test 1 the turn out was beiond bad. the colors just did not mix the way i wanted them to. guess that i stresst the colors a bit to much bad call from my side that was a big factor of the fail in my paint test. and the other thing that was a fail in the test is that a lot of ppl have done the same colors before me. and that dont
work for me, when i paint a army i want a color sch
eme that is persenol and original. so i will paint them in my white color scheme that i have be
en working on some more on the side.

and here you have the result of my paint test 1 for the eldar.

here is the scheme that i have been working on, i will paint number 2 when i have some more nidz done.

that is all for now


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