onsdag 26 januari 2011

Mawloc WIP part 2

Aloha ppl,

well here is the new work that i have done on the Mawloc so far, first out is the fex body that got to spend the night in some simple green (ajaxs grön) and
the turn out was awsome. after that i got to work to fill u
p the gap in the tail that the Trygon has, this is cuz i will tilt it on my base. first of was some plastic card to fil it up. after that i hade to carv it down to fit t
he pose of the tail. and when that was done i did some super awsome crap jobb whit green stuff. my amie here was to make sort of a snake belly. dont know about the resulet but i think it will work ok for what im doing it for. no golden demon here yet.

i gave the body a extra foot so that i will be stable on the base ones i glue it on.

here you can se the plastic card work i did, was my first time that i did this.

and last out is the fex body, looks just like new.

that is all for now
muffin ^^

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