måndag 24 januari 2011

Mawloc WIP part 1

Aloha ppl,
so i was at my klubb this weekend and hade my self som games, and when i was on my way home i hade my self a look in there bit box and fond som awsome bits. A trygon body and some extra parts to it and some fex wepons that i was after. The result of this is that i could not hold my fingers and build my self a mawloc that i need for my worm list that im making. the down side of this that i have to use a fex body so the head looks a bit big on it but thx god for magnets i can just pop on the mawloc hade when im on a tournament and then swap back to the fex hade when im a the klubb so there is no problem there.

any how i got to work on it when i came home on sunday and put in all the magnets that i need for it arms,body and the head so now that part is done
. next up is to strip the fex body from the old color that the last owner hade on it that will be a fast fix to dip it down in some simpel green problem solved.

i got the more dynamic pose on it today and fixt the ro
that will fly up from the ground when i come up so im on my way now i just need to prime it and then start to paint it. but i will chill on that for just a bit tho as i need to paint my termagunts that i have on the tabel atm.

And now it is time to show of some pics on the work so far, enjoy

muffin ^^

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