tisdag 18 januari 2011



I got my raveners today on the mail, it is from a trade that i did on a forum here in sweden 16 hormugunts and 100kr (9£) and i got my self a new box of this bad boys, that makes it 9 in total. So it will be fun to try out my revener list ones i have them all done and one unit is just Red terrors to give it some old school look ^^.

So now i just have to paint some more termagunts and then the work is on my swarmlord, that is something im looking foreword a lot to. Just need to find
a design on the sword that i like, the sword i have in mind is sort of a burster sword from FF XII and make them more alien.
And how to make that ??? i will take the time now when i going down to kalmar. Have some hand inns and we are starting some new courses. so i will sit in the car and draw. that is my plan for now so i will se what happens.

here are the raveners enjoy.

that is all for now
muffin ^^

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