torsdag 10 februari 2011

termas and hormas


forgot to post that i have 6 termas done, and 3 more are on the way. will also have a 15 man hormas done in some days as well. when i have this guys done i will start to paint up my hive guards need to paint something fun now. troops are not the best thing to paint tho i have the speed now i need to make a small switch. and my Mawloc is looking at me from the shelf a bit pisst that im not giving him any love atm.

i have a new goal in mind, id like to have 50% of my army d
one by the end of march it is a lot of work, but i need to speed things up. no more Mr.lazy ass here.

that is all that i have on nidez now, here is a pic on what is on my table

this guys are about 75% done now.

enjoy muffin ^^

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