tisdag 16 november 2010

Tervigon work log part 4

Aloha ppl

I got my self to do some work on the Tervigon last night and i got all my main flats done two layers of paint so now i can start the next part of the model so i look forward to that.

The next step now is to get all the bone color on and then we are ready to do some wash work and layer on the next paint. so i am soon 50% in to the model and it is now it is fun to work on as you can se it grow.

And i gave my new primer from Army painter a go as well the turn out was ok but i will need to strip some paint of the model as it was a bit thick but for now its ok it is just a hormagunt so no bigy there. i also gave a try to a new way of painting as well i put the model on a botel of toothpicks and i was a nice way to work as i can turn the lid when im workin. But i know what i need to do for the rest of the models strip them first a bit then praime them.

And the good thing about the Army painter primer is that it is really close to scarab red and that makes me happy so i will be saving my self a lot of time when it comes to prime my models, now i can jump down to the purpel wash just like that im saving my self 1-1½h of paint work!!!

So when im done whit my Tervigon im going to do a lot of troop painting to get some big numbers done and ready for the tabel.

well that is sort of all that i have for now.

cya ppl muffin ^^

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