måndag 22 november 2010

Sick for a week and some news

Aloha ppl,

well i have been sick this week and i just got a got better. i did some paiting last week tho but not a lot hade some feber and a runny nose. but this week i plan on geting my tervigon done and also to get some hormuguts down. I have spent a lot of time in the Eldar codex and im pumpt to start that army now as well. but im going to hold my horeses on that one for a bit. need to play my tyranid army first. but on the other hand i can spend some time painting the eldar on the side and build the army up slow. i got my self two warlocks and 8 warp spiders for a awsome prices !!! and im geting my self some striking scorpions as well a new box for 150kr (£13) so im happy for that. i also have some old school asult terminators and a scream kill on the way. i plan on paiting the terminators for a competison, and the scream kill is for my self. i did one when i was 15 so it will be fun to se how it turns out 12 year later haha.

so that is just some of the things that im up to now when i dont have my mind on school and i feel a lot better as well now that i dont play world of warcraft. the only down side is that i need to spend some more time doing webdesign and hit my CSS a lot more then i do now.

My now goal is to paint up 5-10 horugunts and get the tervigon down asap. and when that is doen i plan on doing 10 termagunts whit FB. feel that i need to get my army done some time, it is taking my to long, not ok!!!

And on other news i re-did my blogg ones more, as i have seen over the net all the ppl are doing the awsome inc templet and i dont feel it is so cool any more. not fun to jump blogg to blogg and they all look the same. so i feel i needed to re do it so that i stands out a bit from the others. and this is the turn out a simpel happy blogg that is easy on the eye and not to shabby. i like it plz post what you think about the blogg....work or not??

well that is all that i have for now ppl,


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