tisdag 23 november 2010

The banner

to day i have been working a bit on Dark Future Games banner for there contats, and i feel a bit out of shape when it comes to this kind of thing. I got my Photoshop to work and im back in the game not only have i been working on the banner but i alos did some work on some images that i took this summer. But if we get back to the banner, this is how it looks now still not done but i have a good start on it. im going to try and make 2 more so i have to speed up a bit now as they have to be in the 26 of nov :S

And i the other day i gave my Tyranid some new colors as well still dont know if i like it, but i will paint one in this colors. it is the opposite of what i have now the one i have now is down tones as this one are up in the sky and crazy like hell dont know if i can paint this tones tbh but i have to try.

well that is what i have for now will be doing a lot of fun stuff this weekend so stay tuned for more stuff.

muffin out ^^

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