torsdag 25 november 2010

X-mas was early

Aloha ppl,

well to day x-mas was a bit early for me as i got three packages lets take one at a time.

first one out to day is some things that i got my self on E-bay here in sweden. I got my self some old school terminators as i dont like the new assult ones, still find the OOP to kick some bad ass. and i will paint this guys for some contets in the future haha. and the next one out is a old carnifex AKA the scream killer, why did i get this guy well first of all it is one cool ass modell and i love it. but the main reson is cuz 12 years ago i paint this bad boy for a contest he did not make it to good but i was so proud and feel that i won the contast. any how back to the topic i got him to se if im any better now as a older dude will be fun to see haha. I did the fex to the rhigt 12years ago this time i will try out some funcky blends.

And now for packages number two, here we will find some cool Eldar stuff. There was a dude selling some eldar for a good prices and i could not say no to that. I got my self two Locks and 7 warp spiders dont like the paint jobb but that will not be a problem the locks are now strippt and rdy to go. I think it will be fun to play some Eldar from time to time, i still love my Nids dont get me rong but i think that you get more out of the game if you can play two or three diffrent armys not only do you know how they tick but its a nice R and R time.

And the last packages is a monster base from GW so, now i can bass my Tervigon that is soon to be done as well so a lot of good things for me this week think i will get my self a pizza on saturday.

well that is all that i have for now ppl

cya muffin ^^

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