tisdag 16 november 2010



So this is going to be my next prodject ones all my tyranids are done, i think that i will be starting it next year some time. and im going for a Ice blue look as id like to have some sort of snow ice world army. my tyranids are more in the djungel area and after i got my self my new spray from amry painters it is going to be a lot easyer and faster to paint this guys. and im saving some money now as well on a Air brush. so my 4 big things for next year is 1) paint up my tyranid army 2) stop smoking 3) start to build up my eldar army 2000p 4) try and buy a Air brush.

why do i whant a Ari brush well it is a fast way to army paint and you have better control over the paint, it is also a good tool to have when you are doing contest minis. to get the color on nice and thin. that are just some of my plans the main thing is to paint now and to play the game im going to hit the tabel later on this week in a proxy battel whit some dude in my clubb here i stockholm.

well that was a bit off-topic any way back to my eldars. So this is my first draft of the colors that i plan on working whit this still not set in stone but i think that in the end i will be some where in the blues ( one of my favorit colors) but as long as it is a color that is light then im happy.

and im going to do some more work on the Tervigon later on to day so i will post more on that ones i have some good stuff.

well that is all i have for now


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